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It’s High Season

We have all kinds of new items on our main site, FactCheck.org.

Check out our article on a recent McCain-Palin ad that falsely asserts Sen. Barack Obama has been “mum on the market crisis.” He’s actually made several statements on it, including a speech with a six-point proposal a day before this ad was released.

Also, learn all about “predator control” (a.k.a. shooting wolves from airplanes). A Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund ad is correct in that Gov. Sarah Palin supports the measure, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. See our article, “Call of the Wild,” for the details.

And then, you can read about an anti-abortion group’s ad that makes false assertions, and an Obama response ad that contains falsehoods as well. ” ‘Born Alive’ Baloney” explains it all.

Finally, we have a new Ask FactCheck on the site, responding to many readers’ question about Palin and a rape kit controversy:

Q: Did Sarah Palin make rape victims pay for their own rape kits?

A: Palin’s police chief in Wasilla did that. Whether Palin supported this is not certain.

Be sure to click on the question above for our full explanation.