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Welcome to The Wire!

Welcome to The FactCheck Wire. It’s our way of bringing you shorter posts on the latest political bunk. We’ll continue to publish articles, special reports and vidcasts at our Webby Award-winning site, www.FactCheck.org. But now you can also stop by The Wire, Wire.FactCheck.org, for brief reports on who’s recycling old, misleading claims in new, misleading ways or for the latest on discredited chain e-mails that are circulating with new (and equally bogus) references. When the candidates try to distill complicated issues into deceptive sound bites, we’ll be here with context. And we may post when we notice a particularly noteworthy debunking that’s been done by another organization. We can’t predict all that you’ll find on The Wire, but we think it’ll be worth watching.

The FactCheck Wire. Faster than the speed of spin.

– Brooks Jackson, Director, FactCheck.org
– Viveca Novak, Deputy Director, FactCheck.org