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Taxes, Bailouts, Court Fights and More

Looking for some weekend reading material? Well, the past week has been busy at FactCheck.org. If you haven’t checked out the main site recently, here are several new articles that we hadn’t yet told our Wire readers about:

Right Change Is Wrong
October 24, 2008

A conservative group misleads voters mightily on Obama’s tax plans for small businesses.

The Rifle Association’s ‘True Story’
October 23, 2008

A misleading NRA ad claims Obama voted “to deny citizens the right of self-protection.” 

Court Fight in the Heart of Dixie
October 23, 2008

Dyspeptic dueling for an Alabama Supreme Court seat. Another in our Court Watch series.

 $700 Billion Blame Game
October 21, 2008

Congressional candidates twist facts to pin the financial crisis on opponents.

 Obama’s “Welfare”
October 17, 2008

McCain calls Obama’s refundable tax credits “welfare,” but calls his own “reform.”

Hint: If you’ve seen the misleading claims that Obama gives tax cuts to everyone, even though 40 percent pay no income tax, you’ll want to check out that last article.