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A ‘Smart’ New Look for Mobile Devices

FactCheck.org is proud to announce we have a new mobile version of our website that will make it easier for you to read us on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Below is a little information on some of the changes that will make your reading experience easier and more enjoyable.

The home page features two tabs at the top: “The Wire” and “Featured Articles.” You can toggle back and forth to view the most recent Wire items and articles without leaving the page.

At the bottom of the home page there are four tabs: “Featured Articles,” “The Wire,” “Donate” and “More.”

The Featured Articles and Wire tabs will bring you to the most recent stories, plus there is a “Next” button at the bottom for you to view even more stories.

The “More” tab will lead you to other FactCheck.org features, such as “Ask FactCheck,” “Viral Spiral,” “Mailbag,” “FactCheck Quiz” and our all-new “2012 Players Guide.”

You can click on our banner at anytime to bring you back to the home page.

There are also icons at the top of each article, Wire item and Ask FactCheck that allow you to email a link to the item to a friend, or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

We hope you enjoy the new look. Let us know what you think. Send us an email at editor@factcheck.org, and put the phrase “FactCheck Mobile” in the subject line.

Update, Sept. 19: Some readers have asked how they can get the “app” for FactCheck.org. It’s not an app that needs to be downloaded. Here’s how it works: Go to factcheck.org on your smartphone or tablet and you should be automatically redirected to our new mobile site. If not, then try m.factcheck.org — which surely will work. (We have been experiencing some technical glitches with the automatic redirect that we soon hope to resolve.)

FactCheck Mobile is free, and it serves like an “app.” In fact — depending on your mobile device — you may be able to create an icon on your home screen to quickly and easily access FactCheck Mobile, just like an app. For iPhone users, for example, open up m.factcheck.org on your browser and tap the “forward” icon at the bottom middle of the screen — which will give you options to “Add Bookmark,” “Add to Home Screen,” “Mail Link to This Page,” and “Print.” The “Add to Home Screen” option will create an icon for your home screen — just like an iPhone app. Consult the instruction manual for your device to learn if this option is available to you.