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Spotlight On: Charles Bertram

When Charles Bertram received a letter from Mitt Romney asking him for money, the Floridian was amused. Bertram is a Democrat — and has been since the late 1970s.

“There was a line in there or something about liberals that just galled me,” the 60-year-old said.

Bertram uploaded the letter to the Spin Detectors website. We found several of the letter’s claims to be false, including Romney’s claim that the rates of unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcies are “soaring” under President Obama.

Bertram, who lives outside Tallahassee, is an environmental consultant who conducts assessments for natural gas pipeline companies. He said he donates money to the Obama campaign and other Democrats.

“I’m an Obama supporter — a Democrat — and somehow I get a lot of Rick Santorum emails,” Bertram said. “And I think they do a mass mailing. I don’t know where they made that list from, but they’re kind of wasting their time on me.”

– Ben Finley

Our “Spotlight” feature is designed to give credit to those who help us hold politicians accountable. So, watch this spot. If you send us campaign materials that contain false or misleading information and we write about them, then we may write about you – with your permission, of course.

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