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Spin Detectors: Help Us Monitor the Conventions

Political conventions are like shopping malls of political spin — one-stop bazaars brimming with suspect claims from politicians. And we want you to do a little window-shopping for us this year.

Spin Detectors is asking readers to help us monitor both political parties in Tampa and Charlotte.

Robert Farley, FactCheck.org’s deputy managing editor, is on the scene in Tampa. And Managing Editor Lori Robertson will be covering the Democratic convention in person in Charlotte. So, you don’t have to be there.

But we want you to pass along claims you see on television or online that you suspect may contain false or misleading information. We’ll check them out. And we may even write about them.

If we write about a claim you send in, we may also write about you — with your permission of course.

Click here to upload videos containing politicians’ claims. Directions and technical requirements can be found on the upload guidelines page.

You can also email claims and questions to editor@factcheck.org. Put “Spin Detectors” in the subject field.

Spin Detectors is supported with subscriber contributions we received during our year-end donation drive to raise money for our coverage of the 2012 elections.