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Video: FactChecking Donald Trump

Did “thousands and thousands” of people cheer in Jersey City when the twin towers at the World Trade Center fell on 9/11, as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has claimed? Did Trump “predict” Osama bin Laden? Were 81 percent of whites who were murdered in the U.S. this year killed by blacks, as a graphic retweeted by Trump claimed? Did Trump get to know Putin “very well” during a taping for “60 Minutes”? Should Trump get credit for Ford moving a manufacturing plant back to the U.S.? Hint: the answers to all are, “No,” as the following video from FlackCheck.org explains.

The video was based on some of the stories that we’ve reported about Trump since he announced his presidential candidacy in June. Read our entire Trump file here. You can view all of our stories on the 2016 presidential candidates here.