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Videos: FactChecking Cruz and Clinton

This week, CNN’s Jake Tapper and FactCheck.org bring you two fact-checking videos featuring claims made by Sen. Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton.

The first video looks at Cruz’s claim that Sen. Marco Rubio and Donald Trump, two of his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, believe that the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage “is the settled law of the land and we must … surrender and move on.” Both Rubio and Trump have said that they disagree with the court’s June 26, 2015, ruling and feel that it should have been left to the states to decide. Rubio has also said that he “will appoint Supreme Court justices that will interpret the Constitution as originally constructed,” suggesting that the court’s decision could be overturned. For his part, Trump has said that he would consider appointing judges who would overturn the gay marriage ruling.

The second video reviews Clinton’s claim that Sen. Bernie Sanders, her competitor for the Democratic presidential nomination, “took about $200,000 from Wall Street firms” through the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.  The DSCC did provide about $200,000 to support Sanders’ 2006 Senate race, but a relatively small percentage of the DSCC’s contributions came from “Wall Street.”

Read “Cruz Distorts Rubio’s Stance on Gay Marriage” and “Clinton’s Exaggerated Wall Street Claim” for more information on the statements covered in the videos. And see all of the videos from our collaboration with CNN’s “State of the Union” here.