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Video: Facts on Melania Trump Photo

After a brief hiatus, CNN’s Jake Tapper returns with a fact-checking video on Donald Trump’s false claim that Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign bought the rights to a racy photo of Trump’s wife, Melania. Trump claimed that Cruz or his campaign gave the photo to a super PAC for an ad.

In his latest video, Tapper says Trump has provided no evidence that Cruz or his campaign bought the rights to the photo, and the photographer who took the photo told FactCheck.org that no one contacted him to buy the rights. “It would be against the law for Ted Cruz or his campaign to coordinate with the super PAC, so what Trump is suggesting would violate federal regulations,” Tapper says.

The video, which is part of our partnership with the host of CNN’s “State of the Union,” can be found here. Tapper’s latest video is based on our item “Trump’s False Accusation.”

Tapper’s past fact-checking videos can be found on our Web page “State of the Union with Jake Tapper.”