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Video: Day 2 of GOP Convention

CLEVELAND — FactCheck.org’s Lori Robertson discusses fact-checking Day 2 of the Republican National Convention with USA Today‘s Paul Singer. The video can be found here.

They covered these Republican claims:

  • Two speakers claimed Hillary Clinton paid women less than men in her Senate office. We found that that was true if one includes only workers who worked for Clinton full-time for a full year, but it’s not accurate if including workers who worked part of the year or took unpaid leaves of absences.
  • Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia claimed that President Obama’s “economic agenda” has led to “the lowest workforce participation in decades.” Actually, the rate began its decline in the late 1990s and is due mainly to baby boomers retiring and other demographic factors. The unemployment rate, meanwhile, is below the historical norm.
  • Donald Trump Jr. falsely claimed that his father “funded his entire primary run out of his own pocket.” Donald Trump provided about 73 percent of the funding, but not all of it.

For full details see our article, “GOP Convention, Day 2.”