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Video: FactChecking Clinton’s Speech

The last of our daily fact-checking videos from the political conventions focuses on Hillary Clinton’s speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination.

FactCheck.org Director Eugene Kiely and USA Today Washington Correspondent Paul Singer discuss four of Clinton’s claims:

  • Clinton said 15 million private-sector jobs have been created since President Obama took office. The actual number is 10.5 million, and it’s less — 10.1 million — when accounting for the loss of 460,000 public jobs.
  • Clinton said “90 percent” of income gains “have gone to the top 1 percent.” But that is an outdated figure. It’s now 52 percent.
  • Clinton said that “we’re going to pay for every single one” of the initiatives she has proposed. We can’t predict the future, but a nonpartisan analysis found her proposals would add to the national debt.
  • Clinton misrepresented Donald Trump’s “I alone can fix it” line, suggesting he said he could fix everything by himself. Trump was referring to a “rigged” system, and went on to talk about working with others.

For a full analysis of these and others claims on the last night of the Democratic convention, please read our article, “FactChecking Clinton’s Big Speech.” Visit our website for our full coverage of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.