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The Clinton Furniture Flap

The Clinton Furniture Flap

Q: Did Bill and Hillary Clinton return furniture they took from the White House in 2001?
A: Yes. The Clintons returned more than $28,000 worth of items, which, they said, they thought were personal gifts given to them and not to the White House.

American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS

The Crossroads “twins” are affiliated conservative advocacy groups that support Republican candidates oppose Democrats.

Keep the Promise

Keep the Promise is a network of five independent super PACs supporting Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz.

Stand for Truth

A super PAC supporting Sen. Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination for president.

NextGen Climate Action

A liberal super PAC and an advocacy group founded by San Francisco billionaire and climate-change activist Tom Steyer.

Paul Distorts Islamic Views of Bombings

Paul Distorts Islamic Views of Bombings

Sen. Rand Paul said “20 percent of the Islamic public in England” thought the 2005 subway bombings in London “were okay.” That’s inaccurate. Twenty percent expressed sympathy for the “feelings and motives” of the bombers, but only 1 percent thought the bombing was “right.”