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Biden’s Misleading Boast on Medicare Premium Drop

Biden’s Misleading Boast on Medicare Premium Drop

President Joe Biden boasted of a decrease in premiums for Medicare Part B as the “first” reduction “in more than a decade.” That’s true. But he neglected to mention the drop follows a large increase the prior year, partly due to anticipated Alzheimer’s drug expenses, which didn’t actually materialize.

Competing Claims on Trump’s Budget and Seniors

Competing Claims on Trump’s Budget and Seniors

In what has become an annual Washington exercise, Democrats and Republicans are waging a war of words over the president’s proposed budget and how it would affect programs for seniors. President Donald Trump tweeted that he “will not be touching your Social Security or Medicare” in the budget, while Democrats have charged it does exactly that.

Seniors and the Chained CPI

On Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Managing Editor Lori Robertson explains the “chained” Consumer Price Index proposal in President Obama’s budget. Critics of the change in Social Security cost-of-living calculations say seniors’ medical costs cause their cost of living to rise more quickly than that of other consumers. But economists haven’t found solid evidence of that.
For more, see our Dec. 11, 2012, article, “Chained Explained.”

Seniors and Video Games

Managing Editor Lori Robertson tells Connecticut Public Broadcasting about House Republicans’ misleading Twitter claims that the Obama administration is spending $1.2 million “paying people to play video games.” The money in question went to university research on how video games can stimulate the cognitive abilities of seniors.
For more on this issue, see our Feb. 22 story, “Paying People to Play Video Games.“

Democrat-on-Democrat TV Attacks in Florida

In a Senate race chock full of attack ads, the Florida Democratic primary pits Rep. Kendrick Meek against billionaire investor Jeff Greene. Both men carry heavy political baggage; Meek did favors for a developer who is now under indictment, and Greene …

More ‘Senior Scare’

The conservative 60 Plus Association is running a TV ad saying Congress plans to pay for overhauling health care “by cutting $500 billion from Medicare.” It claims that this “will mean long waits for care” and cuts to MRIs and other imaging services, that “seniors may lose their own doctors” and that “government, not doctors, will decide …