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Just the Facts 2010: Immigration

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says her state’s new law “mirrors federal law.” Critics say it allows for racial profiling. We examine the facts of the legislation.

Just the Facts 2010: Jobs

Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln says she saved the jobs of tire plant employees in Arkansas. But a labor union, which backs Lincoln’s challenger, Bill Halter, says she didn’t. We give viewers the scoop on the truth behind these competing claims.

Just the Facts 2010: Mis-tweets

Both Republicans and Democrats are using Twitter to spread false and misleading claims. In this episode, we take a look at mis-tweets from both parties.

Just the Facts 2010: Attack Ads

The 2010 elections are heating up. In California’s GOP gubernatorial primary, Steve Poizner launched a false ad attacking Meg Whitman. And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was wrong when it accused a Republican House candidate in Hawaii of pledging to protect tax breaks …

Just the Facts 2010: Mailbag

We get plenty of mail — well, e-mail — here at FactCheck.org. In this episode of our vidcast, we read a few of the comments from our mailbag. These readers asked who’s behind the Congressional Budget Office and offered an opinion on the definition of “middle class.”

Just the Facts 2010: Census

Does the 2010 Census asks lots of intrusive, personal questions? Is it true that the Census Bureau has no constitutional authority to ask us these things? No. In this episode, we look at several untrue claims being made about this year’s national head count.

Just the Facts 2010: Guns

We take a look at some bogus rumors about President Obama’s actions on gun control that have been swirling since the 2008 campaign.

Just the Facts 2010: E-mails

In this week’s webisode, our second since rebooting the vidcast, host Christine Nieves looks at some false chain e-mails about Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin. We first wrote about them during the 2008 presidential election, but the lessons in debunking are timeless. We use them as examples to review …

Just the Facts 2010: Pictures

The FactCheck.org vidcast, “Just the Facts,” returns with a new webisode that examines deceptions made with images. We examine whether President Obama used the wrong hand for the Pledge of Allegiance, had a teleprompter set up to talk to grade-school children, or previously was acquainted with …