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Facebook Feedback

Here’s what our Facebook fans liked and disliked about the Spin Detectors article, "Schumer Exaggerates Proposed Defense Cuts."


Howard Loveless OK, but for the record, here is just one more example that FACTCHECK calls out Dems for lies and exaggerations too! The RW Trolls accuse these fine folks at FC of being liberal parrots. Keep up the great (non-partisan) reality checks FC!!!


Jeanne Schulz FactCheck calls out Dems more because we argue in complete paragraphs that include examples. Sometimes mistakes are made but compare Mr. Shumer with the "dancing" Cantor did with David Gregory on Sunday. Just look at the first four posts …here and you can see the difference in thought process.


Cheryl Laird the liberal agenda is an exaggeration on any free society exist


Gary Woosox MacDonald Cutting the military will likely reduce employment.


Billy Ayers ‎@Gary, it depends on the cuts and how they manage the reductions. If they decide to go through another BRACC type of scenario, that would lead to massive job losses, but they can tighten the belt to ease that from happening. The problem …is, they always try to decide to close bases and canx programs instead of using common sense when (defense) spending in the first place. No Representative wants to lose a base or a program employing his constituents, that is political suicide and leads to stupid cuts to take care of politicians in close political battles back home. If the Joint Chiefs were in charge of setting up our defense/military base networks, it would look a lot different than it does right now and a few legacy programs would be gone in seconds… But the military works for elected officials and has to deal with what they are given :)


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