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Offbeat Ads and the $200 Million Question

In episode 36 of our podcast, we give you a taste of some of the more bizarre and amusing ads from the midterm campaigns. Plus, we shoot down the absurd claim that President Obama’s trip to India will cost $200 million per day.

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Trip to Mumbai

Q: Is President Obama’s trip to India going to cost $200 million per day?
A: This highly doubtful claim originated with one Indian news agency quoting an anonymous source in Mumbai. The White House says it is "wildly exaggerated," and there’s no evidence to support such a huge figure.

1,120 Days – and Counting – Till Election 2012!

In what could be an early preview of the 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney – a once and perhaps future Republican presidential hopeful – has released a new video on his political action committee’s Web site attacking President Barack Obama on climate change legislation.

Romney says that any cap-and-trade proposal "wouldn’t do a thing" because it would simply move "greenhouse gas emitters from America, to other nations like China and India that don’t participate in our program."