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Minnesota Governor’s Race

In episode 24, we look at how union and corporate money is coming into play in the Minnesota governor’s race. A union- and Democrat-funded group is airing misleading attack ads against GOP candidate Tom Emmer. And in New Mexico, a wildlife group attacks a Republican nominee for the House.

For more on the stories discussed in this episode, see:
Corporate-Labor Smackdown in Minnesota  Aug. 6
In N.M., Wildlife Group Mislabels Pearce  Aug. 11

MN Forward

Pro-business, corporate-funded group backing Republican candidate Tom Emmer for governor of Minnesota.

Corporate-Labor Smackdown in Minnesota

Minnesota’s race for governor is pitting corporate money against money from labor unions and wealthy Democrats. So far, the misleading attack ads are all coming from the liberal side, and the corporate side is being badly outspent to boot. The Alliance for …