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Welcome to Our New Look

You might have noticed that things look a little different around here.

We’ve given the site a bit of a makeover. Some of the effects are pretty obvious, like the rotating picture gallery on our homepage. That’s where we’ll feature our newest and most-talked-about content. You can click the picture or the article title to go to the full story. And don’t worry if you didn’t click fast enough. The content will cycle back around. Or if you’re impatient, you can use the arrows to find what you want.

But not all the changes are cosmetic. We’re just as excited about some of the things that you might not have noticed on first glance:

  • All our content under one roof. No more having to leave the main site to find the shorter content we post on The FactCheck Wire. Now you’ll be able to see our latest articles, Wire posts and Ask FactCheck items right on the homepage.
  • Brand-new feature: FactCheck Mailbag. We’ve always made a point of reading each and every message sent to us at editor@FactCheck.org, and we’ve responded to as many of you as we were able. But now we will be sharing some of the comments you send with the rest of our readers. We’ll select the most notable comments of the week, and publish them in our new FactCheck Mailbag feature.
  • Better search function. Search all of our articles, Ask FactCheck items, Wire posts and special reports from the search bar at the top of every page. We support Boolean operators like "OR"," -" and "+" to help you find what you’re looking for quickly. (If you’re not familiar with Boolean searching, Google has a basic guide to get you started.) Your search results are now returned by relevance instead of by date.
  • Videos embedded right in the articles. Reading an article about a new television ad? Now you can watch the ad right in the story. No more scrolling to the top of the article or waiting for media players to open up.
  • Share our content. Now you can e-mail our articles, post them to your favorite social networking site or even print them to read later, all from a single button. Click the Share button at the top of each article, Wire post and Ask FactCheck item to open up over 50 possibilities.
  • All in one RSS feed. Like reading FactCheck.org through your favorite feed reader? Now you can have just one feed for all our content. (If you are currently receiving FactCheck.org content through an RSS feed, you’ll need to update your links.)

Of course, you’ll also continue to get the same award-winning content debunking bogus ads, inaccurate sound bites and false chain e-mails. And if you’re currently subscribed to our e-mail alerts, you’ll get them just like before. No need to do anything at all. (Not subscribed? You can do that here. It’s free.)

So welcome to FactCheck.org’s new look. We hope that it makes your stay with us even more pleasant.

–The Design Team
Joe Miller
Justin Bank
Jess Henig