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Obama’s (Latest) Social Security Whopper

President Obama claimed that Republican leaders are pushing to make “privatizing Social Security a key part of their legislative agenda” should they regain control …

Sunday Replay

On this week’s political talk shows, we found false and questionable statements about Rand Paul, unemployment and then-Sen. Obama’s impact on immigration legislation.
Paul Didn’t Go That Far

On CBS’ "Face the Nation," Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine twisted the words of Rand Paul, the Republican nominee for Senate in Kentucky. Kaine claimed that Paul, a tea party member, "says the Civil Rights Act shouldn’t have been passed." That’s not true.
Paul did kick up a controversy when he told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow that while he personally did not agree with discriminatory practices,

Florida Cash Attack: Scott ‘Profiting from Porn’?

An attack ad by a corporate-backed shadow group linked to GOP candidate Bill McCollum claims his rival for the party’s nomination for governor of Florida, Rick Scott, "profited from porn." But that charge is based on a loose connection between Scott and a website’s partnership with Playboy Mexico.

The ad first appeared Aug. 6 in the "video files" of the ScottFraudFiles.com website, which at the bottom of every page states that it is a "Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Bill McCollum,

Toomey’s Stimulus Charge Doesn’t Add Up

Republican Pat Toomey’s new ad in the Pennsylvania Senate race states that the $862 billion stimulus package "gave us record debt without creating jobs." He’s wrong on both counts.

The ad, which was released Aug. 10, criticizes Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak for a number of his votes that prove, the ad claims, "Washington is failing." It says: "Bailouts, takeovers, a stimulus that gave us record debt without creating jobs. Congressman Joe Sestak voted for all of it."

Minnesota Governor’s Race

In episode 24, we look at how union and corporate money is coming into play in the Minnesota governor’s race. A union- and Democrat-funded group is airing misleading attack ads against GOP candidate Tom Emmer. And in New Mexico, a wildlife group attacks a Republican nominee for the House.

For more on the stories discussed in this episode, see:
Corporate-Labor Smackdown in Minnesota  Aug. 6
In N.M., Wildlife Group Mislabels Pearce  Aug. 11

AFSCME’s Misleading Tax Attack

AFSCME, the big labor union, is running a misleading ad attacking one of the GOP’s premier House candidates. In an attempt to protect a vulnerable freshman Democrat, Rep. John Boccieri of Ohio, AFSCME badly misrepresents his Republican challenger’s stance on taxation. AFSCME’s ad …

Misleading Attack on Binnie in N.H. Senate Race

An attack ad goes too far when accusing GOP Senate candidate Bill Binnie in New Hampshire of supporting abortion rights "to avoid the expense of disabled children," and claiming Binnie is "excited about imposing gay marriage" on the state. These and other charges in the ad are rooted in true statements, but taken out of context.

Pro-choice to Avoid ‘Expense of Disabled Children’?
The ad is sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage, in cooperation with Cornerstone Action,

In N.M., Wildlife Group Mislabels Pearce

This ad says Republican Steve Pearce was "named one of the most corrupt members of Congress." We find that’s a bum rap.
The ad also falsely attacks the former GOP congressman for voting in 2005 to give "big oil giants like BP … billions in tax breaks." Pearce’s vote actually resulted in a net increase in taxes for oil and gas companies.

The ad is by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund. It first aired Aug.

MN Forward

Pro-business, corporate-funded group backing Republican candidate Tom Emmer for governor of Minnesota.