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Obama Overhypes Health Savings

President Barack Obama presented a glowing but incomplete view of how much Americans can save on premiums thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Obama’s Numbers: July Update

This is another in our series of regular quarterly updates of key statistical indicators of the Obama presidency. Our intent is to provide accurate measures of what’s changed — for better or worse — since Obama first took office in January 2009.

No Russian Troops in U.S.

Q: Is Russia providing 15,000 troops to help the Federal Emergency Management Agency provide security for the U.S.?
A: No. A renewed agreement between the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and FEMA only allows for the exchanging of emergency management experts, not security or military personnel.

Bachmann Cries Wolf

Rep. Michele Bachmann ginned up a bogus doomsday scenario for Republicans in 2014, falsely warning that President Obama would “wave his magic wand” to grant voting rights to newly legalized immigrants if Congress passes an immigration bill that includes a path to citizenship.

VA Democrats Throw the Book at Cuccinelli

A Democratic TV ad goes a little too far when it says GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s new book “questions whether Medicare and Social Security should exist.”

FactCheck.org Facelift

You may have already noticed, but our website is undergoing some changes — both inside and out. We have redesigned our site for optimal viewing across all platforms, and we have switched to a larger Web hosting service to improve speed.

Blunt Wrong on Income Verification


Sen. Roy Blunt falsely claimed the Obama administration had “waived the income verification requirement” of the federal health care law.

Pelosi Parsing Words on ‘Employer Mandate’

Nancy Pelosi was playing a semantic word game when she claimed there “was not a delay of the mandate for the businesses” in the new health care law. That was in fact the effect of a decision announced recently by the Treasury.