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Is Obamacare Causing Health Care Layoffs?

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers blamed the Affordable Care Act for a recent loss of health care jobs, but she based her comment on a reported December downtick that was preliminary and minuscule at that.

ACA Hurts ‘Struggling Families’?

A conservative group is attacking Democratic Rep. Ron Barber of Arizona with an ad that claims the Affordable Care Act “means higher costs for struggling families.”

Obama’s Numbers (January 2014 Update)

Latest statistics show stagnant wages, persistent long-term joblessness, soaring profits and stock prices, and moderating health care spending.

Bachmann Botches Poverty Stats

Rep. Michele Bachmann was wrong on two counts when she claimed today’s poverty rate is “only slightly below where it was in 1964” and that the small improvement in the rate “came with a $20 trillion price tag.”

Medicaid Estate Recovery Program

Q: Does the Affordable Care Act allow states to confiscate the estates of seniors on Medicaid when they die?
A: No, but a 1993 federal law requires states to recover Medicaid costs for long-term care from the estates of deceased Medicaid beneficiaries over the age of 55.

Reid Overstates Reduction in Uninsured

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid incorrectly claimed that 9 million Americans “have health care that didn’t have it before” because of the Affordable Care Act.

Workers ‘Losing’ Employer Plans?

Michigan Rep. Fred Upton exaggerated the impact of the Affordable Care Act when he claimed that “perhaps as many as 80 to 90 million Americans with employer-based health care are going to lose their plans” by late this year.