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2016 Presidential Candidates

Below is the 2016 presidential field — past and present — alphabetically by party. Follow the links to read all of the FactCheck.org articles we have written about the candidates and the super PACs that support them.



chafee-bwLincoln Chafee

Resume: Governor of Rhode Island, January 2011-January 2015; U.S. Senator, November 1999-January 2007.

Affiliated Super PACs: None.

Lincoln Chafee’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Oct. 23, 2015)


Martin O’Malley

Resume: Governor of Maryland, January 2007-January 2015; Mayor of Baltimore, December 1999-January 2007.

Affiliated Super PACs: Generation Forward.

Martin O’Malley’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Feb. 1, 2016)


webb-bwJim Webb

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2007-January 2013; Secretary of the Navy, May 1987-February 1988.

Affiliated Super PACs: None.

Jim Webb’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Oct. 20, 2015)


Sanders_BnWBernie Sanders

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2007-present; U.S. Representative, January 1991-January 2007; Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, April 1981-April 1989.

Affiliated Super PACs: None

Bernie Sanders’ FactCheck.org File


hrclintonHillary Clinton

Resume: Secretary of State, January 2009-February 2013; U.S. Senator, January 2001-January 2009.

Affiliated Super PACs: Priorities USA Action and Correct the Record.

Hillary Clinton’s FactCheck.org File




Jill_SteinJill Stein

Resume: Staff internist at Harvard Community Health Plan, 1982-2006, and Simmons College Health Center, 1991-2006; Member of Lexington (Massachusetts) Town Meeting, 2005-2010.

Affiliated Super PACs: None.

Jill Stein’s FactCheck.org File




gjohnsonGary Johnson

Resume: Governor of New Mexico, January 1995-January 2003; CEO and President of Cannibas Sativa, Inc., July 2014-January 2016

Affiliated Super PACs: None.

Gary Johnson’s FactCheck.org File




dtrumpDonald Trump

Resume: Chairman and President of The Trump Organization; Chairman of Trump Plaza Associates LLC; Former Host of NBC’s “The Apprentice.”

Affiliated Super PACs: Make America Great Again.

Donald Trump’s FactCheck.org File


Jeb Bush

Resume: Governor of Florida, January 1999-January 2007; Florida Secretary of Commerce, January 1987-September 1988.

Affiliated Super PACs: Right to Rise USA and Right to Rise Policy Solutions.

Jeb Bush’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Feb. 20, 2016)


Carson-BWBen Carson

Resume: Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1984-2013; Member of President’s Council on Bioethics, 2004.

Affiliated Super PACs: One Vote.

Ben Carson’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew March 4, 2016)


CChristie-bwChris Christie

Resume: Governor of New Jersey, January 2010-present; U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, January 2002-December 2008.

Affiliated Super PACs: America Leads.

Chris Christie’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Feb. 10. 2016)


cruz_bwTed Cruz

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2013-present; Solicitor General of Texas, January 2003-May 2008.

Affiliated Super PACs: Keep the Promise.

Ted Cruz’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew May 3, 2016)


CarlyFiorinaCarly Fiorina

Resume: CEO of Hewlett-Packard, July 1999-January 2005; President of the Consumer Products Sector for Lucent Technologies, 1996-1999.

Affiliated Super PACs: CARLY for America.

Carly Fiorina’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Feb. 10, 2016)


lgraham_Lindsey Graham

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2003-present; U.S. Representative, January 1995-January 2003.

Affiliated Super PACs: Security Is Strength.

Lindsey Graham’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Dec. 21, 2015)


Mike HuckabeeMike Huckabee

Resume: Governor of Arkansas, July 1996-January 2007; Chairman of the National Governors Association, 2005-2006.

Affiliated Super PACs: Pursuing America’s Greatness.

Mike Huckabee’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Feb. 1, 2016)


jindal-bwBobby Jindal

Resume: Governor of Louisiana, January 2008-present; U.S. Representative, January 2005-January 2008.

Affiliated Super PACs: Believe Again, America Next and American Future Project.

Bobby Jindal’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Nov. 17, 2015)


jkasich_bwJohn Kasich

Resume: Governor of Ohio, January 2011-present; U.S. Representative, January 1983-January 2001.

Affiliated Super PACs: New Day for America.

John Kasich’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew May 4, 2016)


gpataki_George Pataki

Resume: Governor of New York, January 1995-December 2006; Member of the New York Senate, January 1993-December 1994.

Affiliated Super PACs: We the People Not Washington.

George Pataki’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Dec. 29, 2015)


RPaul_Rand Paul

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2011-present.

Affiliated Super PACs: America’s Liberty PAC, Concerned American Voters and Purple PAC.

Rand Paul’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Feb. 3, 2016)


perry-bwRick Perry

Resume: Governor of Texas, December 2000-January 2015; Lieutenant Governor of Texas, January 1999-December 2000.

Affiliated Super PACs: Opportunity and Freedom PAC.

Rick Perry’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Sept. 11, 2015)


Marco-Rubio-BWMarco Rubio

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2011-present; Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, November 2006-November 2008.

Affiliated Super PACs: Conservative Solutions PAC.

Marco Rubio’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew March 15, 2016)


__santorumRick Santorum

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 1995-January 2007; U.S. Representative, January 1991-January 1995.

Affiliated Super PACs: Working Again PAC.

Rick Santorum’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Feb. 3, 2016)


walker-bwScott Walker

Resume: Governor of Wisconsin, January 2011-present; Milwaukee County Executive, April 2002-December 2010.

Affiliated Super PACs: Unintimidated PAC and Our American Revival.

Scott Walker’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Sept. 21, 2015)