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Widow’s Home Wasn’t Bulldozed

Widow’s Home Wasn’t Bulldozed

A Ted Cruz TV ad says Donald Trump “colluded with Atlantic City insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow” for a casino parking lot. The ad leaves the false impression that the widow lost her home, and she didn’t.

Players Guide 2016

Players Guide 2016

Today we are debuting our Players Guide 2016, a feature on the groups seeking to influence the 2016 federal elections.

Correct the Record

A pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC that was founded by David Brock, the creator of the liberal website Media Matters.

Priorities USA Action

A Democratic super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

America Leads

A Republican super PAC supporting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for president.

One Vote

A Republican super PAC supporting Dr. Ben Carson for president.

New Day for America

A Republican super PAC supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich for president and operated by several Kasich former staffers.