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The 2016 Committee

A super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Trump Off-Base on Cruz Loan Rates

Donald Trump claimed that the loan rates Sen. Ted Cruz received during his 2012 Senate run were “lower than you could get, lower than anybody could get.” In fact, the evidence shows the interest rates Cruz reported were attainable at the time.

Facts on Rubio’s Immigration Record

In his latest fact-checking video, CNN’s Jake Tapper looks at the facts behind Ted Cruz’s attacks on Marco Rubio’s immigration record.

Sanders’ Deceptive Endorsement Ad

The Bernie Sanders campaign misappropriates the credibility of two New Hampshire newspapers in a new TV ad on endorsements.

Clinton’s Bipartisan Bluster

Former Sen. Hillary Clinton said she did not know of “a single Republican who didn’t cosponsor one of the bills that I worked on.” Actually, our analysis shows 14 of the 70 GOP senators who served with Clinton didn’t cosponsor any of her bills.

‘New’ Taxes Aren’t New

It’s back! That false chain email about the “new” tax increases that aren’t new is circulating again.