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Video: FactChecking Clinton Stump Speech

This week, CNN’s Jake Tapper, working with FactCheck.org, highlights four claims Hillary Clinton made in a speech in Hampton, Illinois, on Sept. 5.

  • Clinton misrepresented Donald Trump’s words in claiming he “thinks wages are too high.” Trump said raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour would be too high.
  • Clinton then said that Trump “doesn’t believe in raising the national minimum wage.” Trump’s position on the federal minimum wage has varied throughout the campaign. In late July, Trump supported raising it to $10, saying “it has to go up,” but adding that “states should really call the shots.”
  • Clinton wrongly implied that Trump said he “didn’t care” about the auto industry when making comments about the auto bailout. Instead, he said the industry “would have ended up ultimately in the same place” if it hadn’t received government financial assistance.
  • She also greatly exaggerated in saying that Trump has been “sued 4,000 times for not paying the bills that he owes” to contractors and other workers. That figure pertains to all lawsuits in which Trump has been involved. USA Today tallied at least 60 times Trump was sued over not paying workers.

The claims in this week’s video were all covered in our Oct. 3 article “Clinton on the Stump.”

All of Tapper’s videos, including last week’s analysis of a Sept. 19 Trump campaign speech, can be found on CNN.com and FactCheck.org.