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No Data Manipulation at NOAA

Top Republicans on the House science committee claim a former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist “confirmed” that his NOAA colleagues “manipulated” climate data for a 2015 study. But that scientist denies that he accused NOAA of manipulating data.

Neil Gorsuch Didn’t Start Fascism Club

Q: Did Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch start a fascism club in high school?

A: No. Gorsuch’s senior yearbook jokingly says that he was the founder and president of the “Fascism Forever Club” at Georgetown Preparatory School.

Trump’s Baffling Tweet on Gorsuch

President Donald Trump falsely claimed a Democratic senator “misrepresents” a conversation that the senator had with Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. In fact, Gorsuch’s spokesman confirmed the senator’s account.

Trump’s Bogus Terrorist Claim

At a military base in Florida, President Donald Trump complained that “radical Islamic” terrorist attacks are “not even being reported” by the “very, very dishonest press.” That’s nonsense.

Sanders on SCOTUS Filibuster

Asked if he would support a filibuster of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Sen. Bernie Sanders said President “Obama’s nominations required 60 votes.” Obama’s Supreme Court nominees received 60 votes, but it wasn’t “required.”

FactChecking Science Claims in 2017

We’re happy to announce that SciCheck is now entering its third year with the continued support of the Stanton Foundation.

White House Not Selling Jewelry

Q: Did the White House website feature a “QVC ad” for jewelry sold by Melania Trump?
A: No. The first lady’s biography page initially said that her jewelry line was sold on QVC. However, that reference has since been removed.

Groundhog Day

It’s Groundhog Day all right. But instead of seeing our shadows, we noticed politicians making some of the same false and misleading claims that we have written about several times before.

Planned Parenthood and the Democrats

The president of Planned Parenthood says the group is willing to talk to Republicans about their threats to cut off federal funding “because [at] Planned Parenthood, we’re nonpartisan.” In fact, the group’s PAC gave 98 percent of its contributions in the 2016 election to Democrats.