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2020 Presidential Candidates

Below is the 2020 presidential field — alphabetically by party. Follow the links to read our articles about the candidates. Click here for all of our campaign coverage. 



Mark Sanford

Resume: Governor of South Carolina, January 2003-January 2011; U.S. Representative, January 1995-January 2001, May 2013-January 2019

Sanford’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Nov. 12, 2019)

Sanford’s FEC filings

Sanford’s OpenSecrets Profile


Donald Trump

Resume: President of the United States, January 2017-present; Former Chairman and President of The Trump Organization

Trump’s FactCheck.org File

Trump’s FEC filings

Trump’s OpenSecrets Profile


Joe Walsh

Resume: U.S. Representative, January 2011-January 2013; Former conservative radio talk show host

Walsh’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Feb. 7, 2020)

Walsh’s FEC Filings

Walsh’s OpenSecrets Profile


Bill Weld

Resume: Governor of Massachusetts, January 1991-July 1997; U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, 1986-1988

Weld’s FEC Filings (Withdrew March 18, 2020)

Weld’s OpenSecrets Profile






Michael Bennet

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2009-present; Superintendent of Denver Public Schools, January 2005-January 2009

Bennet’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Feb. 11, 2020)

Bennet’s FEC Filings

Bennet’s OpenSecrets Profile


Joe Biden

Resume: Vice President of the United States, January 2009-January 2017; U.S. Senator, January 1973-January 2009

Biden’s FactCheck.org File

Biden’s FEC Filings

Biden’s OpenSecrets Profile


Bill de Blasio

Resume: Mayor of New York City, January 2014-present; New York City Public Advocate, January 2010-December 2013

De Blasio’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Sept. 20, 2019)

De Blasio’s FEC Filings

De Blasio’s OpenSecrets Profile


Michael Bloomberg

Resume: Mayor of New York City, January 2002-December 2013; Founder and CEO of Bloomberg LP

Bloomberg’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew March 4, 2020)

Bloomberg’s FEC Filings

Bloomberg’s OpenSecrets Profile


Cory Booker

Resume: U.S. Senator, October 2013-present; Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, July 2006-October 2013

Booker’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Jan. 13, 2020)

Booker’s FEC Filings

Booker’s OpenSecrets Profile


Steve Bullock

Resume: Governor of Montana, January 2013-present; Montana Attorney General, January 2009-January 2013

(Withdrew Dec. 2, 2019)

Bullock’s FEC Filings

Bullock’s OpenSecrets Profile


Pete Buttigieg

Resume: Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, January 2012-January 2020; Democratic nominee for State Treasurer of Indiana, 2010

Buttigieg’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew March 1, 2020)

Buttigieg’s FEC Filings

Buttigieg’s OpenSecrets Profile


Julián Castro

Resume: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, July 2014-January 2017; Mayor of San Antonio, June 2009-July 2014

Castro’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Jan. 2, 2020)

Castro’s FEC Filings

Castro’s OpenSecrets Profile


John Delaney

Resume: U.S. Representative, January 2013-January 2019; Co-Founder of Health Care Financial Partners and CapitalSource

Delaney’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Jan. 31, 2020)

Delaney’s FEC Filings

Delaney’s OpenSecrets Profile


Tulsi Gabbard

Resume: U.S. Representative, January 2013-present; Member of Honolulu City Council, January 2011-August 2012

Gabbard’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew March 19, 2020)

Gabbard’s FEC Filings

Gabbard’s OpenSecrets Profile


Kirsten Gillibrand

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2009-present; U.S. Representative, January 2007-January 2009

Gillibrand’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Aug. 28, 2019)

Gillibrand’s FEC Filings

Gillibrand’s OpenSecrets Profile


Kamala Harris

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2017-present; California Attorney General, January 2011-January 2017; District Attorney of San Francisco, January 2004-January 2011

Harris’ FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Dec. 3, 2019)

Harris’ FEC Filings

Harris’ OpenSecrets Profile


John Hickenlooper

Resume: Governor of Colorado, January 2011-January 2019; Mayor of Denver, January 2003-January 2011

John Hickenlooper’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Aug. 15, 2019)

Hickenlooper’s FEC Filings

Hickenlooper’s OpenSecrets Profile


Jay Inslee

Resume: Governor of Washington, January 2013-present; U.S. Representative, January 1999-March 2012, January 1993-January 1995

Jay Inslee’s FactCheck.org File  (Withdrew Aug. 21, 2019)

Inslee’s FEC Filings

Inslee’s OpenSecrets Profile


Amy Klobuchar

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2007-present; County Attorney of Hennepin County, Minnesota, January 1999-January 2007

Klobuchar’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew March 2, 2020)

Klobuchar’s FEC Filings

Klobuchar’s OpenSecrets Profile


Wayne Messam

Resume: Mayor of Miramar, Florida, March 2015-present; Member of the Miramar City Commission, April 2011-April 2015

(Withdrew Nov. 19, 2019)

Messam’s FEC Filings

Messam’s OpenSecrets Profile


Seth Moulton

Resume: U.S. Representative, January 2015-present

(Withdrew Aug. 23, 2019)

Moulton’s FEC Filings

Moulton’s OpenSecrets Profile


Beto O’Rourke

Resume: U.S. Representative, January 2013-January 2019; Member of the El Paso City Council, June 2005-June 2011

O’Rourke’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Nov. 1, 2019)

O’Rourke’s FEC Filings

O’Rourke’s OpenSecrets Profile


Deval Patrick

Resume: Governor of Massachusetts, January 2007-January 2015; Former Managing Director at Bain Capital

(Withdrew Feb. 12, 2020)

Patrick’s FEC Filings


Tim Ryan

Resume: U.S. Representative, January 2003-present; Member of Ohio state Senate, January 2001-December 2002

Ryan’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Oct. 24, 2019)

Ryan’s FEC Filings

Ryan’s OpenSecrets Profile


Bernie Sanders

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2007-present; U.S. Representative, January 1991-January 2007

Sanders’ FactCheck.org File (Withdrew April 8, 2020)

Sanders’ FEC Filings

Sanders’ OpenSecrets Profile


Joe Sestak

Resume: U.S. Representative, January 2007-January 2011; Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, 2010

Sestak’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Dec. 1, 2019)

Sestak’s FEC Filings

Sestak’s OpenSecrets Profile


Tom Steyer

Resume: Founder of Farallon Capital and NextGen America

Steyer’s FactCheck.org File (Withdew Feb. 29, 2020)

Steyer’s FEC Filings

Steyer’s OpenSecrets Profile


Eric Swalwell

Resume: U.S. Representative, January 2013-present; Member of the Dublin City Council, December 2010-January 2013

Swalwell’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew July 8, 2019)

Swalwell’s FEC Filings

Swalwell’s OpenSecrets Profile


Elizabeth Warren

Resume: U.S. Senator, January 2013-present; Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, September 2010-October 2011

Warren’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew March 5, 2020)

Warren’s FEC Filings

Warren’s OpenSecrets Profile


Marianne Williamson

Resume: Lecturer, activist and author

Williamson’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Jan. 10, 2020)

Williamson’s FEC Filings

Williamson’s OpenSecrets Profile


Andrew Yang

Resume: Founder of Venture for America

Yang’s FactCheck.org File (Withdrew Feb. 11, 2020)

Yang’s FEC Filings

Yang’s OpenSecrets Profile