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Political leanings: Republican/Conservative

2020 total spending: N/A

Make America Great Again Inc. is one of many political action committees affiliated with former President Donald Trump. The super PAC was established Sept. 23, six weeks before the 2022 midterm elections on Nov. 8, to provide a final push for Trump-backed candidates.

Taylor Budowich, Trump’s current communications director, heads the super PAC, while long-term conservative political consultant Chris LaCivita is its chief strategist. During the 2020 election, LaCivita — who is reportedly being considered for a top position in Trump’s possible 2024 campaign — created Preserve America PAC, which spent nearly $103 million, ranking ninth overall for outside spending. 

As a super PAC, officially known as an independent expenditure-only committee, MAGA Inc. advocates for the election or defeat of federal candidates without coordinating with candidates, campaigns or political parties. It can accept unlimited contributions, but it must disclose its donors.

In its pre-general election filing on Oct. 27, MAGA Inc. reported receiving nearly $32.1 million this election cycle, primarily from other Trump-affiliated PACs. The super PAC received $20 million from Trump’s leadership PAC Save America, and $8.9 million from MAGA, Again! Inc.

As of Oct. 19, Save America has raised over $107.1 million this cycle, while MAGA, Again! Inc has raised more than $16 million.

As of Oct. 31, MAGA Inc. has spent almost $12 million, including nearly $11.3 million against Democratic senatorial candidates in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania. They are all among the states considered key to which party controls the Senate in 2023. 

The super PAC has been most active in Arizona, where it is supporting Republican Blake Masters for Senate. In total, it has spent over $2.7 million advocating for the election of Masters over Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly.