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Clinton’s Bipartisan Bluster

Former Sen. Hillary Clinton said she did not know of “a single Republican who didn’t cosponsor one of the bills that I worked on.” Actually, our analysis shows 14 of the 70 GOP senators who served with Clinton didn’t cosponsor any of her bills.

Trump vs. Clinton

Donald Trump said he can beat Hillary Clinton in November, citing “so many” polls that show “we beat her and we beat her easily.” In fact, only four of 40 polls listed on Real Clear Politics show Trump beating Clinton — none easily.

SciCheck’s Extended Run

We are pleased to announce that SciCheck will be around to fact-check the science-based claims of politicians throughout the 2016 campaign.

Cruz’s Misleading Ad on Military Cuts

A Ted Cruz TV ad in South Carolina blames President Obama for “threatening 3,000 jobs at Fort Jackson.” Actually, only 180 jobs were cut. The potential for deeper cuts was avoided by a bill signed last year by Obama — and opposed by Cruz.

Trump Overstates Cruz Challenges

Donald Trump claims Illinois is “very seriously” looking at Sen. Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run for president and “may not even let him run.” That’s misleading.

Cruz’s Conservative Credentials

A pro-Rand Paul super PAC cherry picks two fiscal votes to label Sen. Ted Cruz as a “phony” conservative. In fact, fiscal conservative groups that score congressional votes rank both presidential candidates as among the most conservative in the Senate.

Trump Wrong on Iran, Polling

Donald Trump made two false statements on ABC’s “This Week” while discussing foreign policy and the Republican presidential primary.

Cruz Loans Not ‘Transparent’

Sen. Ted Cruz said “all of the information” about large bank loans he received to help finance his 2012 Senate campaign “has been public and transparent for many years.” But the loans were not transparent.