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Phony Pelosi Harassment Story

Q: Is Rep. Nancy Pelosi planning to step down amid sexual harassment allegations?

A: No. There have been no such claims made publicly against Pelosi.

Fake Report of Voter Fraud in Alabama

Q: Did voters in Alabama’s special Senate election get “caught voting multiple times with fake IDs”?

A: No. The Alabama Secretary of State’s office has received no such report.

False Stories About Roy Moore Accusers

Q: Did Roy Moore accusers “Mary Lynne Davies” and “Harley Hannah” lie? Did Beverly Young Nelson admit she “forged” a yearbook message from Moore?
A: No. The first two names are not among Moore’s accusers. And Nelson said she added a date and location to a yearbook message written by Moore.

Kevin Bacon Isn’t a Trump Supporter

Q: Did Kevin Bacon say that “we are blessed to have Donald Trump as our president”? 

A: No. Several quotes supporting Trump have been falsely attributed to the actor.

Sham Sharia Stories

Q: Is Sharia law now in effect in Utah and other U.S. states?

A: No. Two stories circulating online falsely claim that various American courts have instituted Sharia.

False Caption on Dead Elephant Photo

Q: Was Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke photographed with a dead elephant?

A: No. He was falsely identified in a photo that was widely shared on Facebook.

No Child Euthanasia in Canada

Q: Has Canada passed a law that would allow parents to euthanize disabled children?

A: No. Canada’s physician-assisted death law applies only to adults if they are mentally capable of making such a decision.

Debunking False Vaccine Claim

Q: Has the Food and Drug Administration announced that vaccines cause autism?

A: No. FDA statements are grounded in scientific evidence. There is no evidence that vaccination is linked to autism.

Trump Didn’t Cut Canine Program

Q: Did President Donald Trump shut down a service dog training program for veterans?

A: No. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center ended its contract with the program and told us that the president was not a factor.

Hoboken Christmas Hoax

Q: Is the newly elected mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey, a Muslim and did he cancel “government involvement” in Christmas?

A: No. Ravinder Bhalla is a Sikh, not a Muslim, and he hasn’t instituted such a ban. He won’t even take office until Jan. 1, 2018.