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U.S. Schools Already Teach Arabic Numerals

Q: Has California’s governor ordered public schools to use “ARABIC” numerals?

A: No. That claim originated on a website that describes itself as satirical.

A Judge Hasn’t Invalidated PA Election Results

Q: Did a U.S. judge invalidate the results of Pennsylvania’s special election due to “wide-scale voter fraud”?

A: No. That’s a fictitious story first posted on a self-described satirical website.

No Russian Arrest Warrant for George Soros

Q: Has Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a warrant for the arrest of George Soros?

A: No. That rumor has been circulating online for years in various forms.

Obama Not Ordered to Pay $400M Restitution

Q: Did a federal court order former President Barack Obama to pay “$400 million in restitution”?

A: No. Multiple sites have carried the fictitious story.

Trey Gowdy Not Given Highest Security Clearance

Q: Did President Trump sign an executive order giving Rep. Trey Gowdy the “highest level of security clearance”?
A: No. That is a months-old fictitious claim that continues to circulate online.

Keanu Reeves Didn’t Praise Trump

Q: Did Keanu Reeves say that President Donald Trump is a role model?

A: No. That’s a made-up quote that has been attributed to at least two other actors.

Ivanka Trump Hasn’t Been Fired

Q: Is Ivanka Trump being fired from the White House?

A: No. That rumor comes from a headline posted on a group of questionable websites.

Georgia Didn’t Ban Muslim Culture

Q: Did Georgia “ban Muslim culture”?

A: No. A headline making that claim is based on a proposed state bill that never became law.