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Tea Party Express

Conservative group that supports the tea party movement; founded by Republican strategist Sal Russo.

Alabama Mystery Solved

The mystery of who was behind a largely bogus attack ad in Alabama’s Republican gubernatorial runoff election has been solved. The answer: the Alabama Education Association, an organization headed by the co-chairman of the state Democratic Party. 
But don’t look for the answer in the state Elections Division. You have to go the IRS to track down the shadowy group’s financing.

According to IRS reports, the Conservative Coalition for Alabama formed on June 22 as a 527 political committee.

Revere America

Republican-leaning group chaired by former New York Gov. George Pataki.

Sen. Boxer and the ‘Three-Inch Smelt’

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is attacking Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California in two ads accusing her of favoring a "three-inch smelt," a freshwater fish, over water and jobs. The ads aren’t quite accurate, however.

According to The Associated Press, the ads began running Sept. 8 in Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield and San Diego. Both ads say "Boxer is famous for protecting the three-inch smelt" and accuse her of voting to "cut water" to San Diego and the Central Valley.


Large federation of labor unions is strongly Democratic.

Outside Ads Mislead in California

In the race for California governor, outside groups supporting Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown are airing new TV ads that mislead voters. An independent group financed by labor unions distorts Whitman’s record as president and chief …

Americans for Job Security

Pro-business group whose president is the former head of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

Florida Cash Attack: Scott ‘Profiting from Porn’?

An attack ad by a corporate-backed shadow group linked to GOP candidate Bill McCollum claims his rival for the party’s nomination for governor of Florida, Rick Scott, "profited from porn." But that charge is based on a loose connection between Scott and a website’s partnership with Playboy Mexico.

The ad first appeared Aug. 6 in the "video files" of the ScottFraudFiles.com website, which at the bottom of every page states that it is a "Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Bill McCollum,

Minnesota Governor’s Race

In episode 24, we look at how union and corporate money is coming into play in the Minnesota governor’s race. A union- and Democrat-funded group is airing misleading attack ads against GOP candidate Tom Emmer. And in New Mexico, a wildlife group attacks a Republican nominee for the House.

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