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FactCheck.org on BBC World Service

After the conclusion of the Republican National Convention, FactCheck.org Managing Editor Lori Robertson discusses Donald Trump’s speech on the BBC World Service’s “Newsday.”

Video: Day 3 of the Convention

FactCheck.org’s Lori Robertson talks with USA Today’s Paul Singer about claims made during the third day of the Republican National Convention.

FactChecking the GOP Convention

FactCheck.org Director Eugene Kiely discusses some of the false and misleading claims made at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Video: Day 2 of GOP Convention

FactCheck.org’s Lori Robertson discusses fact-checking Day 2 of the Republican National Convention with USA Today’s Paul Singer.

Video: GOP Convention, Day 1

FactCheck.org Managing Editor Lori Robertson discusses some of the false and misleading claims made on the first day of the Republican National Convention, which focused on public safety.

SciCheck Speaks with WHYY

FactCheck.org’s SciCheck writer, Vanessa Schipani, spoke with WHYY radio host Dave Heller about topics she has covered in recent articles.

FactChecking the Debates

FactCheck.org Managing Editor Lori Robertson regularly discusses false and misleading debate claims on USA Today‘s website.
Click on the links below to view her interviews:

Fact check: The Flint Democratic debate, March 7, 2016
Fact check: The Texas Republican debate, Feb. 26, 2016
Fact check: The ninth Republican debate, Feb. 14, 2016
Fact check: The sixth Democratic debate, Feb. 12, 2016
Fact check: The eighth Republican debate, Feb. 7, 2016
Fact check: Clinton,

The Whoppers of 2015

FactCheck.org Director Eugene Kiely appeared on CBS’ “This Morning” to discuss our annual article on some of the biggest political whoppers of the year.

First GOP Presidential Primary Debate

FactCheck.org Director Eugene Kiely discussed the first Republican presidential primary debate in an Aug. 7 interview with WCBS radio host Wayne Cabot.

Polar Bears and Extreme Weather

SciCheck writer Dave Levitan of FactCheck.org was interviewed by Ira Flatow for a segment on Science Friday about the 10th International Conference on Climate Change.
Levitan and Flatow discussed a claim from Sen. James Inhofe about the polar bear population, as well as claims from Rep. Lamar Smith about global temperatures and the influence of climate change on extreme weather patterns.
Levitan’s segment begins at the 5:15 mark and ends at 10:25:
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