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Fighting Premium Spin with More Spin

In a mailer to Virginia voters, the conservative Heritage Action calls out President Obama for breaking his promise to save families up to $2,500 in premiums per year under his health care overhaul.

Misrepresenting McAuliffe’s Budget Plan

Three new ads — two from the Ken Cuccinelli campaign and another from a super PAC that supports him — claim Terry McAuliffe’s budget plan would increase spending by $14 billion and that he would raise taxes on the typical family by $1,700 to pay for it.

Miscasting McAuliffe’s Abortion Stance

An ad from a conservative super PAC claims without evidence that “Terry McAuliffe supports abortion on demand at any time for any reason — paid for by Virginia taxpayers.”

Twisting Cuccinelli’s Tax Plan

Democrat Terry McAuliffe uses the reluctance of his Republican opponent, Ken Cuccinelli, to name the tax exemptions and loopholes he would eliminate to offset his proposed tax cuts as the basis for misleading, doomsday claims about Cuccinelli’s tax plan.

More (Mostly Accurate) Virginia Attacks

Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s latest ad says Republican Ken Cuccinelli “twists the facts” by saying McAuliffe made millions from a company that went bankrupt, leaving thousands of workers unemployed and with worthless pension funds.

Attack-Ad Alchemy

In the Virginia race for governor, Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli is running a TV spot that practices the dark art of political alchemy — turning facts into falsehoods. And it does so while claiming to be telling “the truth.”

The Messy Facts in Virginia

The Virginia governor’s race is breaking our general expectations as fact-checkers: There’s strident attack galore, but much of it is accurate. We normally find the harsher the attack, the more likely it’s false. So much for that.

VA Democrats Throw the Book at Cuccinelli

A Democratic TV ad goes a little too far when it says GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s new book “questions whether Medicare and Social Security should exist.”