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No ‘Back Door’ Gun Control

Q: Did “Obama and the EPA” shut down the nation’s last lead smelting plant as part of a “back door gun control” plan to reduce the supply of ammunition?
A: No. The plant closing on Dec. 31 is in response to EPA rules adopted before President Obama took office, and ammunition manufacturers say it will not affect supply.

Whoppers of 2013

It’s that time of year again when we look back — perhaps not so fondly — on the most noteworthy nonsense from the past 12 months.

Does ACA Cover Volunteer Firefighters?

Q: Will the Affordable Care Act force fire departments to provide health insurance to their volunteers?
A: No. A memo issued by the Department of Treasury makes clear volunteer firefighters will not be counted as full-time employees under the Affordable Care Act.

DCCC Exaggerates Impact of ACA Repeal

Democrats are telling the constituents of a Pennsylvania Republican that repealing the Affordable Care Act “would take health care away from 657,000 children in Pennsylvania with preexisting conditions.” No, it wouldn’t.

How ‘Liberal’ Is Sen. Cornyn?

Republican Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas says he’s running against Sen. John Cornyn in the state’s 2014 primary because the incumbent is a backstabbing “liberal” who only votes with Republicans “temporarily” when an election approaches. But Cornyn’s voting record shows otherwise.

Rand Paul, Obama & Black Unemployment

Sen. Rand Paul says “black unemployment in America is double white unemployment” and “hasn’t budged” under President Obama. Actually, the black unemployment rate is lower now than when Obama took office, and the gap between the races is below the historical average.

Michelle Obama and CGI Federal

Q: Does a college classmate of Michelle Obama work for CGI Federal? Did that company receive a no-bid contract to build the HealthCare.gov website?
A: Toni Townes-Whitley, a senior vice president at CGI, and Obama graduated from Princeton University in 1985. However, company and government officials say the contract was awarded through a competitive bidding process.