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Obama on Education Investments

President Obama says public investment in schools was “allowed to wither” as a result of the “trickle-down ideology” of recent decades. There’s no clear trend for public spending on education as a percentage of the U.S. economy, but public investment hasn’t withered.

Boehner vs. Castro on the Exchange

House Speaker John Boehner says his premiums will double, and his deductible will triple, under the Affordable Care Act. That’s true, but it is misleading to compare Boehner with the “many Americans seeing their costs go up,” as his spokesman Brendan Buck has put it.

ACA Doesn’t ‘Set Prices’ on Exchanges

Rick Santorum wrongly claimed health plans on the federal health care exchange are offering more limited networks of doctors and hospitals “because the Obama bill set prices at such levels” that some doctors and hospitals “do not participate in these programs.”

Eric Cantor’s Security Scare

Rep. Eric Cantor distorts the facts when he says an Obama administration official described HealthCare.gov’s “security problems” as “‘limitless’ prior to the website’s launch.”

HealthCare.Gov Improves Estimates

The so-called window shopping feature on HealthCare.gov has been improved and, as a result, so has the accuracy of the site’s estimated monthly premiums.