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Trump’s Bogus Terrorist Claim

At a military base in Florida, President Donald Trump complained that “radical Islamic” terrorist attacks are “not even being reported” by the “very, very dishonest press.” That’s nonsense.

Sanders on SCOTUS Filibuster

Asked if he would support a filibuster of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Sen. Bernie Sanders said President “Obama’s nominations required 60 votes.” Obama’s Supreme Court nominees received 60 votes, but it wasn’t “required.”

FactChecking Science Claims in 2017

We’re happy to announce that SciCheck is now entering its third year with the continued support of the Stanton Foundation.

Planned Parenthood and the Democrats

The president of Planned Parenthood says the group is willing to talk to Republicans about their threats to cut off federal funding “because [at] Planned Parenthood, we’re nonpartisan.” In fact, the group’s PAC gave 98 percent of its contributions in the 2016 election to Democrats.

Facts on Trump’s Immigration Order

We answer some questions about President Trump’s immigration order and its impact — updated with the latest legal developments.

Trump’s Faulty Refugee Policy Comparison

President Donald Trump defended his sweeping immigration policy by calling it “similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months.” That’s a faulty comparison.

Trump, ISIS and Iraqi Oil

President Trump claimed ISIS would not exist if the U.S. “kept the oil when we got out” of Iraq. In fact, ISIS largely has been funded through extortion, robbery, taxes and Syrian oil, according to government reports and terrorism financing experts.

Trump and Intelligence Community

President Trump engaged in revisionist history when he accused the “dishonest” media of making “it sound like I had a feud with the intelligence community.” In fact, Trump made numerous disparaging remarks about the U.S. intelligence community.

President Trump’s Inaugural Address

In his inaugural address, President Trump portrayed the United States as a nation in decline. But his rhetoric did not always match reality.

Obama and Russia’s Nuclear Stockpile

President Obama boasted that a treaty he signed with Russia in 2011 “has substantially reduced our nuclear stockpiles, both Russia and the United States.” In fact, Russia has increased its deployed strategic nuclear warheads since the treaty took effect.