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Social Posts Spin Sanders Photo

A viral hoax claims that Sen. Bernie Sanders was arrested in 1963 for “throwing eggs” at black civil rights protesters. He was arrested while protesting on behalf of civil rights.

Meme Spreads Bogus Tax Information

A meme is circulating online with false information about changes to tax deductions. Student loan interest, medical expenses, property taxes and charitable donations are still deductible.

No Evidence Sen. Harris, Smollett Are Related

Viral posts have erroneously claimed that Sen. Kamala Harris is the aunt of “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, who police have accused of faking a hate crime.

Old Photo Stirs Up New Immigration Concerns

A photo showing a large group of people apprehended at the southern border is circulating online with the false information that it was taken this month. It is from 2010.

Exaggerated Claims About Girl Scout Cookies

A viral meme claims that Girl Scout cookies support Planned Parenthood, but the organization says it has no “relationship or partnership with Planned Parenthood.”

Parody Ocasio-Cortez Tweet Mistaken as Real

A Twitter account parodying Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a tweet in support of a woman who joined ISIS. The tweet went viral, but it is not from the congresswoman.

Misleading Message in Posts About Flint Water

Social media posts criticize President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency by making a misleading claim about federal funding for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Meme Misleads on Minnesota’s Somali Refugees

Facebook posts distort the number of Somali refugees who have resettled in Minnesota to advance an unsupported claim about a freshman congresswoman’s electoral victory.