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Bogus Black Lives Matter Stories Won’t Die

Q: Were a dozen or more women found dead in a freezer with “Black Lives Matter” carved in them?

A: No. Versions of that false story have been circulating online for almost two years.

No Cash, No Corpses for Made-up Mayor

Q: Did a Democratic mayor in Missouri have a storage locker holding cash and dead bodies?

A: No. The story is entirely made-up — the town it names doesn’t even exist.

Muslims Aren’t Banned From Government

Q: Did the U.S. Supreme Court uphold a law banning Muslims from serving in government?

A: No. There is no such law. Two Muslims currently serve in the U.S. Congress.

Train Crash Claims Are Off The Rails

Q: Was a Muslim man arrested for causing a passenger train to crash in Washington state?

A: No. Officials are still investigating the cause of the crash and have made no arrests.

More Claims of Alabama Voter Fraud

Q: Were illegal voters bused in to Alabama to swing the election to Doug Jones? Were thousands of fraudulent votes recorded for him?

A: Those claims were made by self-described “satirical” websites. The Alabama Secretary of State says there’s no evidence that fraudulent voting affected the outcome. 

Phony Pelosi Harassment Story

Q: Is Rep. Nancy Pelosi planning to step down amid sexual harassment allegations?

A: No. There have been no such claims made publicly against Pelosi.

Fake Report of Voter Fraud in Alabama

Q: Did voters in Alabama’s special Senate election get “caught voting multiple times with fake IDs”?

A: No. The Alabama Secretary of State’s office has received no such report.

False Stories About Roy Moore Accusers

Q: Did Roy Moore accusers “Mary Lynne Davies” and “Harley Hannah” lie? Did Beverly Young Nelson admit she “forged” a yearbook message from Moore?
A: No. The first two names are not among Moore’s accusers. And Nelson said she added a date and location to a yearbook message written by Moore.

Kevin Bacon Isn’t a Trump Supporter

Q: Did Kevin Bacon say that “we are blessed to have Donald Trump as our president”? 

A: No. Several quotes supporting Trump have been falsely attributed to the actor.

Sham Sharia Stories

Q: Is Sharia law now in effect in Utah and other U.S. states?

A: No. Two stories circulating online falsely claim that various American courts have instituted Sharia.