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Sanders Adviser Makes False Claim

Sanders Adviser Makes False Claim

A senior adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders said that Sanders’ presidential campaign has “never” used Hillary Clinton’s “image or her name in an ad.” That’s false.

2008 FactCheck Awards

2008 FactCheck Awards

For those readers who’ve stuck with us through a lot of in-depth reporting on complex issues, we offer these just-for-fun awards for some of the most entertaining, most egregious, most off-the-wall or just plain grossest ads this election cycle.

Sweeney No Sweet-Talker In Kitchen-Sink Attack

GOP Rep. John Sweeney’s ad goes after his opponent, first-time House candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, with a half-dozen accusations layered over a soundtrack that’s somehow both scary and sad. The ad tars Gillibrand with everything from taking illegal contributions to hiring a consultant tied to the Abramoff lobbying scandal to making children cry at a Sweeney rally, and more.

When Democrats Attack

Gauging by the attack ads flowing from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the party’s House contenders are running against Exxon, Pfizer and Bush. The ads tie Republican House candidates to unpopular industries and an unpopular President. Some of these ads are exaggerations.

Talent For Deception

In four separate TV spots Republican Sen. Jim Talent of Missouri falsely attributes several unflattering quotes about his opponent to the Kansas City Star.

Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

We find that Republican Senate candidate Bob Corker’s current ad misleads by falsely implying that he lowered taxes in Chattanooga when he was mayor.