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Trump’s Immigration Plan

Republican Donald Trump’s immigration plan includes several statements that stray from the facts.

First GOP Presidential Primary Debate

FactCheck.org Director Eugene Kiely discussed the first Republican presidential primary debate in an Aug. 7 interview with WCBS radio host Wayne Cabot.

Trump’s Amnesia

Donald Trump denied that he had ever called female adversaries some of the words Fox News host Megyn Kelly listed at the first GOP debate — “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” In fact, he has used all of those terms.

Trump’s McCain Attack

Donald Trump distorts the facts in a recent op-ed in which he says Sen. John McCain has “abandoned our veterans” and “failed the state of Arizona and the country.”

Was Hillary Clinton the Original ‘Birther’?

Two Republican presidential candidates claim the so-called “birther” movement originated with the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2008. Some of her ardent supporters pushed the theory, but there is no evidence Clinton or her campaign had anything to do with it.

FlackCheck Video: Trump Announcement

This “Campaign Watch” video from FlackCheck.org covers several false and misleading statements Donald Trump made during his presidential announcement speech.

Trump Tramples Facts

Real estate developer Donald Trump’s speech announcing he is running for the Republican nomination for president contained a number of false and misleading statements.

Is Santorum the Biggest (Senate) Loser?

Entrepreneur Donald Trump dismissed the surging candidacy of Rick Santorum by claiming that Santorum lost his Senate seat in 2006 by a wider margin than any incumbent senator in history. He’s wrong.
In fact, there have been two dozen incumbent senators who have taken worse beatings than Santorum did in 2006. Trump need only have checked back as far as the 2010 midterm elections — when Democrat Blanche Lincoln lost her Arkansas seat — to find an incumbent senator who lost by a bigger margin than Santorum did.