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NEA Advocacy Fund

A super PAC created in 2010 by the National Education Association, which describes itself as an “advocate for education professionals.”

Tillis: Education Budget Backer or Hacker?

A North Carolina public school teacher says in a TV ad that she tells her students to “start with the facts,” but she begins attacking Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis with an exaggerated claim about Tillis’ education “cuts.”

More Carbon Tax Distortions

Crossroads GPS claims that Colorado Sen. Mark Udall “voted to enact a carbon tax.” Udall did no such thing. Republican Thom Tillis claims that Sen. Kay Hagan “supported a carbon tax” that would destroy “up to 67,000 jobs in North Carolina over the next ten years.” That’s not accurate, either.

Twisting Tillis’ Tax Record

Two new ads from Senate Majority PAC wrongly claim North Carolina Senate candidate Thom Tillis “raised taxes on 80 percent of North Carolinians.” The claim is based on a misreading of an analysis of a 2013 Tillis-backed tax plan.

Dueling ‘Amnesty’ Claims in N.C.

We’ll sum up competing TV ads from two Republicans vying in a North Carolina House primary like this: My opponent is “pro-amnesty.” Response: No, you are. To which we say: Neither is.

Tillis Response Ad Cries ‘False’

A TV ad from GOP Senate candidate Thom Tillis says that a recent attack ad about him from the Senate Majority PAC is “false.” We don’t think so.

Obamacare for the Mortgage Industry?

A slate of new ads from the 60 Plus Association evoke a well-worn conservative punching bag — “Obamacare” — to attack seven senators for supporting a lesser-known plan to overhaul the housing finance market.

‘Lost Jobs’ from Obamacare

Republicans have distorted a Congressional Budget Office report, wrongly claiming that it said the Affordable Care Act would cause more than 2 million people to “lose their jobs.”

Dueling Distortions in North Carolina

It didn’t take long for the governor’s race in North Carolina to turn ugly. Although it’s only June, Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat Walter Dalton both find themselves under attack from outside groups spending heavily on misleading TV ads:

A Democratic group claims McCrory, a former mayor of Charlotte, “used his position as mayor to lobby state government for millions in tax breaks” for a company that paid him “over $140,000 to sit on its board.”

Spotlight On: Mark DiBiasio

Mark DiBiasio is a registered Republican in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, which means his mailbox is brimming with campaign mailers.
Ten Republicans are trying to win the May 8 primary this year. But one particular candidate, wealthy businessman and former state Sen. Robert Pittenger, is bombarding voters with glossy paper.
“I get half a dozen fliers from him in the same week – sometimes twice a day,” said DiBiasio, 55, an IT consultant who runs a local blog in the Charlotte suburbs.